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GIRLSVILLE: The Story of The Delmonas & Thee Headcoatees (Spinout Publications) book

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Following the arrival of punk in the UK, an explosion of musical wonders flourished in the South East of England. Two such wonders, The Delmonas and Thee Headcoatees added to the burgeoning flow of music from the Medway Delta; a current started by The Pop Rivets, The Milkshakes and The Prisoners.

Fronted by women from the Medway area and beyond, The Delmonas and Thee Headcoatees are regularly labelled as ‘Billy Childish projects’, yet the women involved added their own stamp to the musical beat. Hear ye for The Queens of The Medway Delta!

Here, we find out more about these women – Hilary, Louise, Sarah, Debbie, Kyra and Holly Golightly and just how their paths intertwined to create memorable records (without musical industry intervention) and just what has happened to them all since…

Collated and related by Saskia Holling, herself a music maker (The Nettelles, Lord Rochester, Sally Skull, Big Russ Wilkins & Lightnin’ Holling) and fanzine writer, who is seeking to help keep women in musical history.

Published under the Spinout Publications imprint, with front cover painting by Sarah Crouch (Miss Ludella Black), and packed with photos and contributions from key figures within the Medway Delta, and related, and beyond!

  • Book – GIRLSVILLE: The Story of The Delmonas & Thee Headcoatees
  • Author – Saskia Holling
  • Publisher – Spinout Publications
  • Cat No. – SP001 (ISBN 978-1-5272-8458-6)
  • Published – 31st of March 2021
  • Format – Paperback, illustrated, 278 pages

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