Family Stoned

High Time Woman II / Rituals 7-inch (Perennial)

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The "High Time Woman II / Rituals" 7" is the debut vinyl release from Olympia's own The Family Stoned. Reminiscent of and no doubt indebted to Fred and Toody (Dead Moon), Family Stoned plays slightly damp 'n' outdoorsy mainline rock 'n' roll while fully embracing the Pacific Northwest rockers-dressed-as-hippies aesthetic.

"High Time Woman II" has a slightly "off" Crazy Horse-style dynamic in both the vocals and playing, with a lengthy instrumental build leading into a couple of verses worth of baked vibes and mellow folk-rock with some hard guitar work.

"Rituals" has a more determined approach, with a Sage-like drive to the guitar/drum charge, and maybe even a slight aroma of grunge in the guitarfuzz. [Caronline] handles all the vocal chores on this one, and sounds very confident and sure of herself in a thrilling way; her scream calls into motion the guitar scree that rides this one off the cliff. They did great with this - one side soft and one side hard - making a fine intro to a band that has a ton of potential. Recommended. (RK)

This record feels so GOOD.