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Epigram No. 2 LP, CS (Girlsville)

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Olympia hard rockin' UK Gold recorded by Capt. Tripps Ballsington at High Command. A classic ten song album pure and raw. UK Gold is Matt Murillo (The Maxines), Forrest Peaker (Wisdom Teeth) and Matt Lebens (Headphone, Necktie Party) - a deadly combination.

This album is self-released by UK Gold. The cassette tape version of Epigram No. 2 received a limited-run release by Portland, OR label Girlsville.

"Three of the best shows that I played last year were with UK GOLD from Olympia, who put out a great self-released 7” around mid-2017 that’s taken me a couple of months to truly pin down. Their take on tense, aggressively dry post-punk is almost disarmingly straightforward—Matt Murillo talk-shouts WIPERS-esque narratives of paranoia and alienation while simultaneously pounding his drums in simple but clockwork-precise rhythms, as Forrest Peaker’s jagged guitar cuts in and out as the anxiety level rises. There’s enough dissonant, coldly fixed-gaze moments in “Auto-Responder” and “Cracked” to add in a No Wave qualifier or two (specifically the punishing-yet-restrained minimalism of Glenn Branca’s guitar abrasion in the STATIC and THEORETICAL GIRLS), while “Hunter/Hunted” begins with a shadowy drone and slowly unfolds into a hallucinatory tightrope walk between calm and noise that suggests sorely underrated first-wave New Zealand post-punks the GORDONS transported to the grey gloom of the Pacific Northwest. If those are reference points that mean anything at all to you, you should be all over this one."

- Futures & Pasts | MRR #418


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