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Bounce It out (Bounce It on out) / Melodica Bounce Version [DBN127] 7" 45rpm

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Selector Dub Narcotic splinters the party into fun-sized fragments of dance-tastica with “Bounce It out (Bounce It on out)” - the contemporary bubblegum stuck to the bottom of a trap house table-top. The incomparable Lord Nock provides crucial cuts on his extremely flexible wheels of steel. Melodica in hand, Selector Dub Narcotic (aka Calvin Johnson) has created a call-to-arms for those who’d rather don the dance shoes than rattle a saber; who'd rather dance, than fight, in the streets. Pour the tea and pass the ammunition - that being this, the latest volume in our Dub Narcotic Disco Plate series of singles.


Bounce It out (Bounce It on out)” was recorded by Calvin Johnson at Dub Narcotic Studio in Olympia, Washington utilizing the talents of assorted Olympia luminaries. The studio band assembled includes Ashley Eriksson (keyboards), Eli Moore (electric guitar) and Lindsay Schief (drums), all of LAKE, augmented by bassist David Strother, rocker about town.


Selector Dub Narcotic is the latest daze in the underground contemporary scene. whether re-mixing records for the Dub Narcotic Disco Plate series, engaged in spinning phonograph records at a party (or other literary function) or swinging' from the rafters at the latest elementary school auditorium basement show it is all, as the kids say, good. Drawing from a stack of 45 rpm phonograph records, Selector Dub Narcotic is known to mix the genres: dancehall, soul, punk, garage, R&B, rock steady, bubblegum and rockabilly with assorted curiosities of the current underground music scene.


Pogo, people, with style.



  1. Bounce It out (Bounce It on out)
  2. Melodica Bounce Version

 The digital version of this album is available from Bandcamp.