Namiot [DBN118] 7" 45rpm

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The discussion of starting a band that would later be called Christmas started in a Polish dive bar. Their first single for K, "Namiot" [DBN118], would be the next big pop hit – if people only knew what it meant. A "namiot" is not a lost tribe of people who danced beautifully … but you can dance to this. The playful vocals ("hey!" "oh no!"), Morse code bass, tight drumskins and jangly, lost guitar were recorded in the Dub Narcotic Studios of Olympia, Washington in the Christmas-time of the Pacific Northwest: the summer. If you learned that "namiot" is just a Polish word for "tent" would that make this song an inside joke? Expand your vocabulary. On the B-side, Selector Dub Narcotic (aka Calvin Johnson) dirties not only the carpet, but also the curtains. Slowed down, mud everywhere, "Namiot Version" is the scene after the party: a lamp has been knocked over, someone is muttering in the corner. This Dub Narcotic Disco Plate is a contrast – a true black and white, Valentine.

  1. Namiot
  2. Namiot Version