The Smashing Times

Bloom (Meritorio Records) LP

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The Smashing Times: psychedelic tweedlee-dee freakbeat from a Baltimore basement. Instruments played by hand, bare feet touching the ground - - - you dig? Outfitted in wrinkled button downs and sweaters (filled with holes), their music is audibly and sometimes visibly made by humans. Can you change the strings on this guitar? I'll make dinner. Daughters, lock up your Rickenbackers, Thee Jasmine Monk is coming to town. Can they stay on your couch? Their guitar may require tuning.

Bloom is The Smashing Times revolving in a paint dream, shedding petals, shredding via pedals, strum-a-thumb Tom. An entire album's worth, made before you even heard of this kind noise. Splay it.

LP pressed on Princess White Vinyl, imported from Spain.


  1. Diana, Waiting for the Sun
  2. Unbendable, Broken Bough
  3. Candy Bar
  4. Come out in the Sun and Play
  5. Across the Hebrides
  6. Down in the old Wave
  7. The Reed Cutter
  8. Echoes, the Golden Mare
  9. Winter turns to Spring
  10. Girl Marriane
  11. Winter Collides with Sprin
  12. Lost, When I Remember
  13. Mother Nature Is Son

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