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About the International Pop Underground

In 1987, K launched a series of 7-inch singles called the International Pop Underground. This series features artists emanating from pop rockin’ catacombs around the globe. To date there are over 140 volumes in the series.

Some of the artists included in the International Pop Underground are closely allied with K artists and are making a guest appearance on the label, such as: Gigi, Chromatics, the VibrariansGenerifus, Unrest, Versus, Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planetthe GossipPork, the Pastels, Melody Dog, Bonfire Madigan, Teenage Fanclub, and Seaweed.

Others are artists who have released albums on K such as LAKEPine Hill HaintsMecca NormalChain & the GangAngelo SpencerLoisSome Velvet SidewalkMirah, Microphones, Make-Up, Beat Happening, Thee Headcoats, Heavenly, KARP, the Crabs, Built to Spill, and Jeremy Jay.

Releases in the International Pop Underground series are denoted with a catalog number that begins with "IPU".

K has released two compilations of material from the International Pop Underground series on compact disc: International Hip Swing [KLP016] and Project: Echo [KLP055]. 

IPU001 Beat Happening Look Around 1987
IPU002 Girl Trouble She No Rattle My Cage 1987
IPU003 Few, The Rollin' Like The Tide 1987
IPU004 Mecca Normal Oh Yes You Can! 1987
IPU005 Cannanes, The No-One E.P. 1987
IPU006 Girl Trouble Tarantula 1987
IPU007 Flatmates, The I Could Be In Heaven 1987
IPU008 Some Velvet Sidewalk I Know 1988
IPU009 Some Velvet Sidewalk Earthbound 1989
IPU010 Girl Trouble w/ Steve Fisk Batman Theme 1989
IPU011 Mecca Normal Cardboard Box Of Love 1990
IPU012 Courtney Love Uncrushworthy 1990
IPU013 World Of Pooh G.H.M. 1990
IPU014 Pastels, The Different Drum 1990
IPU015 Beat Happening Nancy Sin 1990
IPU016 Seaweed Deertrap 1990
IPU017 Unrest Yes She Is My Skinhead Girl 1990
IPU018 Brief Weeds A Very Generous Portrait 1991
IPU019 Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet Music For Pets 1991
IPU020 Some Velvet Sidewalk Pumpkin Patch 1991
IPU021 Thee Headcoats Shouldn't Happen to A Dog 1991
IPU022 Courtney Love Highlights 1991
IPU023 Melody Dog Futuristic Lover 1991
IPU024 Duck Hunt Holiday 1991
IPU025 Heavenly She Says 1991
IPU026 Teenage Fanclub Free Again 1992
IPU027 Snuff That's Fine 1991
IPU028 Mecca Normal Armchairs Fit Through 1991
IPU029 Gravel Yesterday 1991
IPU030 Lois Press Play And Record 1992
IPU031 Thatcher On Acid Yo-Yo Man 1992
IPU032 Mecca Normal Rose 1992
IPU033 Fifth Column All Women Are Bitches 1992
IPU034 McTells, The Clean 1993
IPU035 Brief Weeds Songs Of Innocence And Experience 1993
IPU036 Tiger Trap Supercrush 1993
IPU037 Cannanes, The Frightening Thing 1993
IPU038 Pork Squeal 1993
IPU039 F.Y.P. Cyanide in Your Koolaid 1993
IPU040 Lois The Trouble With Me 1993
IPU041 Lync Two Feet In Front 1994
IPU042 Kicking Giant She's Real 1994
IPU043 Blood Sausage Denis Lavant 1993
IPU044 Versus Frog 1994
IPU045 Beck It's All In Your Mind 1995
IPU046 Built To Spill Joyride / Sick And Wrong 1994
IPU047 Fitz Of Depression Lie / Glad All Over 1994
IPU048 Bloodthirsty Butchers / Copass Grinderz Silencer 1994
IPU049 Cockpit Hair Of The Dog 1994
IPU050 Some Velvet Sidewalk Free From It 1994
IPU051 HoneyBunch Count Your Blessings 1994
IPU052 Pansy Division w/ Calvin Johnson Jackson 1994
IPU053 Rickets, The Destroy Olympia 1995
IPU054 Waydowns, The The Waydowns 1995
IPU055 Robyn Hitchcock I Something You 1995
IPU056 Softies, The He'll Never Have To Know 1995
IPU057 Nikki McClure Godzilla 1996
IPU058 Modest Mouse Blue Cadet-3, Do You Connect? 1994
IPU059 Belmondo Lake Front 1995
IPU060 Al Larsen w/ Katrina Mitchell Change Everything 1995
IPU061 Wandering Lucy Really Truly 1995
IPU062 Crabs, The Anything & Everything 1996
IPU063 Glo-worm Travelogue 1995
IPU064 Love As Laughter Planet Of Children 1996
IPU065 P.E.Z. Poser In My Bedroom 1996
IPU066 Heavenly / Bis Trophy Girlfriend / Keroleen 1996
IPU067 Satan's Pilgrims The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt 1996
IPU068 Mecca Normal Paris In April 1996
IPU069 D+ Heatherwood 1996
IPU070 Plastique De-Real 1996
IPU071 Love As Laughter Do You Experience Alien Boredom? 1996
IPU072 Satisfact Life Abroad 1996
IPU073 Heavenly Space Manatee 1996
IPU074 Nikki McClure Hope And Pray 1997
IPU075 KARP We Ate Sand / Bastard Of Disguise 1996
IPU076 Love As Laughter / Seductive, The Tour Split 1996
IPU077 Love As Laughter I'm A Bee 1996
IPU079 Softies, The The Best Days 1996
IPU080 Some Velvet Sidewalk Valley Of The Clock 1997
IPU081 Sarah Dougher Summer Come 1997
IPU082 Love As Laughter Fever 1997
IPU083 Flying Tigers Flying Tigers 1997
IPU084 Gaze Seedless 1997
IPU085 Make-Up Free Arthur Lee 1997
IPU086 Make-Up U R My Intended 1998
IPU087 Bonfire Madigan Backseat Buoy 1997
IPU088 Longstocking Will You Stay? 1998
IPU089 Built To Spill / Marine Research By The Way / Sick & Wrong 1998
IPU090 Wolf Colonel This Is Acid 1998
IPU091 Make-Up Born On The Floor / Little Black Book 1999
IPU092 Spells, The The Age Of Backwards E.P. 1999
IPU093 Dura-Delinquent Light Sound Motion 1999
IPU094 Tentacles, The The Touch 1999
IPU095 Microphones, The Moon Moon 1999
IPU096 Gossip, The Red Hott 2001
IPU097 Gene Defcon Have A Good Time 2000
IPU098 Beat Happening Angel Gone 2000
IPU099 Rondelles, The TV Zombie 2000
IPU100 Mirah Cold Cold Water 2002
IPU101 Microphones, The Lanterns 2002
IPU102 Tender Trap Face Of 73 2002
IPU103 Chromatics Arms Slither Away / Skill Fall 2002
IPU104 Blow, The Bonus Album 2002
IPU106 Little Wings What Wonder 2002
IPU107 Kimya Dawson / Matty Pop Chart My Mom / Child Of The Sea 2006
IPU109 Spider And The Webs Frozen Roses 2006
IPU110 Old Time Relijun The Tightest Cage 2007
IPU111 Woelv Le Niveau De La Mer 2007
IPU112 Adrian Orange & Her Band Interdependance Dance 2007
IPU113 Jeremy Jay We Were There 2007
IPU114 Epryhme feat. Nomy Lamm Punklezmerap 2008
IPU115 Jeremy Jay Airwalker 2007
IPU116 Hornet Leg Blood Trilogy 2008
IPU117 Jeremy Jay Alpharhythm 2008
IPU118 Mount Analog feat. Karl Blau That's How I Got To Memphis 2008
IPU119 Desolation Wilderness Until Forever 2008
IPU120 Julie Doiron/Calm Down, It's Monday Heavy Snow 2008
IPU121 Angelo Spencer et L'Orchidee d'Hawai Music Is My Sweet 2009
IPU122 Vibrarians, The Red Light 2009
IPU123 Desolation Wilderness No Tomorrow / Pacific Palisades 2009
IPU124 Eprhyme Shomer Salaam 2009
IPU125 Joey Casio Debtor's Prism 2009
IPU126 Jeremy Jay Breaking The Ice 2009
IPU127 LAKE You Are Alone 2011
IPU128 Gigi The Hundredth Time 2011
IPU129 Joey Casio The Frame 2011
IPU130 Chain & The Gang Privelege 2010
IPU131 Angelo Spencer et L'Orchidee d'Hawai L'Argent 2010
IPU132 Mecca Normal Malachi 2010
IPU133 Western Hymn Out Of The Way 2011
IPU134 Generifus In My Cave 2010
IPU135 Basemint No Retro 2011
IPU136 Tara Jane O'Neil Sirena 2011
IPU137 Nucular Aminals Nobody's Man 2011
IPU138 Pine Hill Haints, The Tales of Crime 2011
IPU140 Maxines, The Drugstore 2012
IPU142 Lovers Without Borders Detective 2013
IPU143 Shivas, The You Make Me Wanna Die 2014
IPU144 Selector Dub Narcotic All For The Sake of Rhymin' 2016