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Dub Narcotic Disco Plate 

DBN101 Dub Narcotic Sound System Dub Narcotic 1994
DBN102 Dub Narcotic Sound System Fuck Shit Up 1994
DBN103 Dub Narcotic Sound System Booty Run 1994
DBN104 Dub Narcotic Sound System Bite 1995
DBN105 Dub Narcotic Sound System Industrial Breakdown 1996
DBN106 Make-Up R U A Believer 1995
DBN107 Dub Narcotic Sound System Shake-A-Puddin' 1997
DBN108 Dub Narcotic Sound System Wasted/Groove 1997
DBN109 Old Time Relijun Jail 1998
DBN110 KG Show Me 1998
DBN111 Rondelles, The Revenge 1998
DBN112 Dub Narcotic Sound System Sabley Goodness 2002
DBN113 Atlas Sound / Selector Dub Narcotic Atlas Shrugged 2008
DBN114 Mahjongg / Selector Dub Narcotic Free Groove Rider 2008
DBN115 Joey Casio / Selector Dub Narcotic Share The Cup 2009
DBN116 LAKE / Selector Dub Narcotic Gravel 2011
DBN117 City Center Zen Kids 2010
DBN118 Christmas / Selector Dub Narcotic Namiot 2010
DBN119 Chain & The Gang / Selector Dub Narcotic Cry, Cry, Cry 2011
DBN120 Karl Blau / Selector Dub Narcotic Golden Chariot 2011
DBN121 Kendl Winter / Selector Dub Narcotic At The Same Time 2011
DBN122 Mount Eerie / Selector Dub Narcotic Distorted Cymbals 2012
DBN124 Bobby Birdman / Selector Dub Narcotic Don't Walk Away 2011
DBN125 White Rainbow / Selector Dub Narcotic The Making Of Thriller 2011
DBN126 Hive Dwellers, The / Selector Dub Narcotic Lynch The Swan 2011