The F.I.B.

The F.I.B. issue 17 1/2 ZINE Beat Happening Indian Summer Walking Tour of Olympia

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Wait a minute.... what is this you say? Olympia Walking Tour... zine? This truly has to be seen to be believed.

Wild man Jimi Sharp (of the F.I.B. zine) has made an extensive zine documenting the actual walking routes of all BEAT HAPPENING band members Heather, Bret, & Calvin from the music video "Indian Summer" (from the album Jamboree) directed by Pat Maley.

Have you seen this video? It's one of the greatest!

Why would anyone do this? Well, Mr. Sharp made this zine simply to prove to his old buddy that all of the footage from the video was filmed in Olympia, Washington. You see, this old buddy was positive that several scenes were filmed in Anacortes, Washington... but noooooo... it's just not true... & here's the proof!

Obsessive? Yes. Awesome? Yes.

The zine comes w/ shots from the original video VS shots from modern day Olympia as side by side comparisons & detailed descriptions of every picture.

& I thought I watched this video too many times!