Jason Anderson

The Wreath (KLP166)

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Jason Anderson's not had a permanent address since the release of his album, Something/Everything (KLP132), in 2002. He has been relentlessly touring the U.S., Canada and Europe, singing and playing and sparking a fire of hope and joy. Every time he leaves a town, he leaves behind friends, fans and some newly converted fanatics. His is a global conversion, one living room at a time.

The Wreath brings us to a more serene place while chronicling the struggle it took to get there. Love is in this place, and love lost, and a restless searching haunts the subconscious. One thing that Jason retained through his wandering and constant shifts is his sense of humor. The Wreath abounds in his peculiar whimsy. The last Jason Anderson album, New England (KLP148) has out-sold, and the Jason world (ever-expanding) is hungry. People want more Jason Anderson.

The Wreath was recorded in Boise, Id., with Jeremy Jensen (proprietor of the local label Coming in Second). Like the previous Jason Anderson and Wolf Colonel (Jason's former stage handle) albums, most everything is played by Jason himself, with guest appearances by Rachael Jensen, Karen MacDonald and Jeremy Jensen.

The digital version of this album is available from Bandcamp

  1. O, Jac
  2. If I'm Waiting
  3. Citizen Arrest
  4. Theory and Practice
  5. My Balancing Act
  6. The Library
  7. Our Winter
  8. I Was Wrong
  9. The Hospital
  10. When Will You Say