Halo Benders

Don't Tell Me Now [KLP046]

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The second Halo Benders album, Heaven sent with a Halo Bent.Doug Martsch (Built to Spill, Treepeople) joins forces with other underground folks from his past and future: Steve Fisk (Pell Mell, Pigeonhed, Duck Hunt), Calvin Johnson (Beat Happening, Dub Narcotic Sound System, Selector Dub Narcotic), Wayne Flower (Treepeople, Violent Green) and Ralf Youtz (Feelings, Built to Spill). The Dub Narcotic Studio is the meeting place for this feast of empty headed loudmouth doorbell rock done backwards, from basement to bombshelter.

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Calvin Johnson                                   The Halo Benders shirt

A Wonderful Beast [KLP269]


  1. Phantom Power
  2. Halo Bender
  3. Mercury Blues
  4. Bombshelter Pts. 1
  5. Bombshelter Pts. 2
  6. Volume Mode
  7. Inbred Heart
  8. Planned Obsolescence
  9. Magic Carpet Rider
  10. Blank Equation
  11. Crankenstein