Tender Forever

Wider [KLP188]

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When it's love, you can say all the right things. We can teach wolves to whistle. We can kiss while the planets spin and fall around us. This sensation is just the beginning of Tender Forever's second full-length album, Wider. Tender Forever is Vito Valera, the striking singer, multi-instrumentalist and performer who touched with her breakout LP The Soft and the Hardcore (KLP173). Each song on Wider moves you deeper into that warm, dimly lit place we all want to be: the eloquent, blunt, fantastic tragedy where big harmonies, insanely contagious hooks and a turn of phrase can make you feel that the world is good; that those calluses can yield; that the soft focus of the future feels clear and present. 


  1. Tiny Heart and Clever Hand
  2. Doves Vs. Pigeons
  3. In The Backyard
  4. How Many
  5. No One WIll Tell No One For Sure
  6. Nicer If They Tried
  7. Folded Papers
  8. Well I Can Take It
  9. Heartbroken Forever
  10. I'm So Tired
  11. Wider Too
  12. So We Could Deal