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The Lowdown [KLP077]

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Now for "The Lowdown". This CD EP is by Some Velvet Sidewalk, augmented "with Heavy Friends". It begins with a story of the raw and the true and living your life the way ya wanna wanna do; this is the Alan Larsen story and through him the Olympia story.

"The Lowdown" is followed by a selection of remixed Generate! [KLP062] songs, cookie dough in the raw. As on all Some Velvet Sidewalk releases, paint-peeling crashpop abounds, but now you find yourself surfing bass frequencies with the echoplex ghosts offshore. Remixes by K.O. (IQU) and Thrones. Supplemental vocals by Nikki McClure and Jason Traeger. Woodwinds by Arrington de Dionyso of Old Time Relijun. The Lowdown by Al.

  1. The Lowdown
  2. The Rewind
  3. Valley of the Clock (Freeman Rewind)
  4. Drowning Man
  5. Split the Scene (K.O. Mud House Mix)
  6. Hope
  7. Valley of the Thrones