Some Velvet Sidewalk

Generate! [KLP062]

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Generate! is a big record, bigger than its twelve inch appearance. There are beats and rhymes and light years of intimacy that can't be crawled around or glossed over. You get a bite sized chunk from a little bit of feeling called "Valley of the Clock". But the whole platter of wax is a ticking package you can't refuse.

Storm clouds converge as Some Velvet Sidewalk dives into cell division, underbeat meets overdrive, infinite time and the deep patterns of the universe. Don't bewail but do beware: Generate! will circle back on you and no matter what direction your wagon is facing this will fix it good.

The usual Some Velvet Sidewalk line-up of Alan Larsen (guitar & vocals), Don Blair (drums), and Martin Bernier (electric bass guitar) is augmented by Paul Schuster (P.E.Z., Internal/External) on assorted instruments. Nikki McClure is in on the action, giving us the biological lowdown.

Produced by Greg Freeman (Pell Mell) and Mike Johnson (Al's former Eugene, Oregon band mate from Snakepit who later recorded with Mark Lanegan and Dinosaur, Jr.).

  1. Generate!
  2. Consequence
  3. Circle
  4. Altocumulus
  5. Split the Scene
  6. Refuse
  7. Valley of the Clock
  8. Ghost Travel
  9. Anchor
  10. Day Follows Night