Noxious Fumes

Noxious Fumes 7-inch (Perennial)

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Noxious Fumes was THE hardcore band after the NW's first wave (Fartz, Solver).

The Fumes played regularly with bands such as the Melvins and Green River, and were included on the Let's Kiss Compilation CS, originally released in 1984 by Calvin Johnson (Beat HappeningHalo BendersDub Narcotic Sounds SystemSelector Dub NarcoticThe Hive Dwellers).

This is a 7" record that contains the tracks from the infamous Noxious Fumes demo cassette (originally released by K over 30 years ago) -- now on vinyl for the first time ever!

  1. Commencement Bay
  2. Turn it Around
  3. Helter Smelter
  4. Bulima
  5. Black Wall

Appearing on this recording: Mike McDowell (vocals), Lisa Trujillo (bass), Little John Purkey (drums) and John R. Grant (guitar).


"A lot of people's lives would have been dramatically different if it wasn't for the Noxious Fumes. Although they were short lived this early punk band had a profound effect on everyone who knew them." (Heather Lum)