Big City

Liquid Times [PRNL043/KLP280] 12" EP

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A Recurring Daydream

on zero gasoline

Pixelating to exaltation on a big city night

cantaloupe runs hard in the dungeoun

then car home at 6am

“Firestarter walk with me”

you like saxophones I like the kinks

a guitar virtuoso and a big bass bliss

5 songs 45 RPM, a co-release with Perennial Records

BIg City is the love child of guitar mastermind Katayoon Yousefbigloo (Puzzlehead, Hotline TNT) and underground dance instigator Davey Biddle (Copyright Linda Fox)

Recorded in a mix of band produced home sessions and mixed with the teamwork of the seminal Olympia Engineer Capt.Tripps Ballsington (Milk Music, Ribbon Stage, Gun Outfit, CC Dust). Recorded by Dave and Kat Mixed by Capt. Tripps Ballsington Mastered by Amy Dragon “They make the best use of the emotional forces in rock.“ -C (Blog of Roland) Look for the videos for singles “Vicious” and “Featherlight”

1000 vinyl copies

View the Big City "Vicious" video