Nucular Aminals

This breed of Aminal was formed in Portland, Oregon by four distinctly rare species of musician who specialize in perfect pop melancholy. In 2007, Robert Comitz (Hornet Leg, November Witch) and Erin Schmith moved to the Pacific Northwest, with fellow musician Jheremy Grigsby. In Portland, they joined forces drummer Wiley Hickson (Total Bros.) and they haven't looked back since.

Underneath Robert's assured delivery and flavorful rhythm guitar, the Aminals' collective expertise revealed itself: Jheremy's bass stylings set the propulsive pace that held the entire rhythmic canvas together. Wiley played the traps with swing and sway, and Erin showed-off her fanciful fingerstrokes on the farfisa. The Nucular Aminals' music was dreamy and tin-toned; airy and yet still dark, conjuring the cloudiness of the Northwest in its unique, textured tones.