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With the playful side of electronica music intact, K.O.'s virtuoso, operatic theremin playing and Michiko Swigg's talkbox vocals solidify Sun Q [KLP286] with a pop sensibility showcasing beautiful melodies and a strong DIY aesthetic.     


After releasing two albums and a 12" EP on K, IQU moved to Seattle at the turn of the century and put out the Sun Q album via Sonic Boom Recordings. Eons later (the album has been out of print for many years) Sun Q [KLP286] is now available from K.


In the unique world of IQU, nothing is certain and everything is permissible; that's the feeling you get upon first entrance into their special sonic universe. Stylistically diverse and extremely resourceful, IQU is absolutely original, without peer, and continues to perk up the ears of many worldwide. a mash-up of sounds and styles that is both a shock to the system and ear friendly. It’s what you’d expect from IQU, mining the past while creating a sound that’s all their own. A fresh and engaging experience with each listen.



1. Under the Cherry Blossom

2. The 9th Line

3. Dirty Boy

4. Hamachi

5. Crazy

6. Dr. Caligari

7. Loving You

8. Sun Q

9. Puka

10. A Pile of Cherries


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