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Scream Time (Spiral Valley) LP

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Scream Time is a full length Karl Blau album on colored vinyl, recorded at the Unknown Studio, Anacortes, WA., summer 2021. It is the first release on Karl Blau's label Spiral Valley.

Here is what Spiral Valley has to say about Scream Time:

"Trombones, trumpets, harmonica - oh my!

"Sojourning back to Anacortes from Philly to reunite with his NW posse after 2 ½ years ripped from Skagit Valley, Karl Blau embarked on a 10 day sonic journey, launching into the “sound” of renowned Unknown Studio analog equipment.  The fruiting bodies are a record called Love & Harm on the digital and cassette version; and Scream Time is the 1st, raw mixes of the album pressed on vinyl.  Armed with a couple dozen tunes and the trust of over 20 years of collective time spent making music together, the meat of the band would be Jon Hyde (of Introducing Karl Blau) on the pedal steel, Aaron Otheim of Heatwarmer on electric keyboard and NW legends LAKE backbone, Andrew Dorsett on drums.

"The smell of Scream Time looms around the pedal steel and AceTone 60s electric organ.  Jon’s pedal steel guitar weaves a country feeling into 70s Ethiopian production that the Acetone keys create - played by Otheim. Then the brilliant, bright baritone of Blau’s voice retraces the image into the current time and place of the 2020s.   And like all good Blau albums (which is all of them), each song takes you to its own realm. 

"In one obvious standout, Blau covers a tune by Philly’s Zachary Miller of Dr. Dog - 'Natural Limit' - and delivers a bold look at a progression of country into the psychedelic realms with a bridge that you’d never see coming - watch out!  And the haunted, Dr. John-esque, heartstring-tugger, 'Philadelphia' refrain will get into your head for days - also be warned!

“'Shoreline' is slow and effortless as it is lovely and transcending, with a trombone line that leads you to a far away, tropical beach.  If you’ve seen Karl Blau in the last 4 years, you’ve likely heard him integrate some of these tunes in his set.  'The Reins' captured here all the piss and vinegar you’d remember from on stage, and 'Gray Area' is soothing and sweet, but packs a punch, lyrically, treading on unexpected and out-there turf
as it infuses a jazz-like drum solo before the final chorus.

"Scream Time will find you listening repeatedly as you explore this new horizon of 'What if Blau infused the voice and sonic palette he found in his country records with the more psychedelic, NW sounds he’s been cultivating for the past 20 years?'"

Songs of Scream Time:

  1. Bill The Beerman

  2. Philadelphia

  3. Natural Limit (Z. Miller)

  4. Love and Harmony (J. Lara)

  5. Little Pink Maggot

  6. The Reins

  7. Gray Area

  8. The Shoreline

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