THE F.I.B. #24 The Arrington de Dionyso Issue (fanzine)

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Arrington de Dionyso is a talented musician, artist, and mystic who deserves to have a biography written about him.  This is not that.  The F.I.B. #24 is simply questions asked of Arrington - Studs Terkel style - by Jimi Sharp, out of pure curiosity borne from Jimi’s love and respect of Arrington’s music, art, and wordsmith abilities.  The F.I.B. #24 organically grew into 188 pages of Arrington’s words, art, and lyrics accompanied by photos Jimi snapped over the past 25 years of folks in the Anacortes and Olympia independent music community.
People should know The F.I.B. #24 is a whopping 188 pages printed professionally in FULL COLOR on 80# Titan Gloss Book White paper with a stitch binding; the author (Jimi Sharp!) numbered and signed each copy.

These are the only copies in existence.  Get ‘em before they’re gone, folks!

  Foreword by Calvin Johnson.
Folks may not know that The F.I.B. zine started on October 31, 1996 (hence the Halloween theme in different issues).

The first time, Jimi Sharp interviewed Arrington de Dionyso was 06 DEC 1998 (4 years after Jimi graduated from Anacortes High School class of 1994) when Old Time Relijun played at Sub-Pop record’s Grand Re-opening of their Mega Mart at Pike Place Market (now defunct) for issue #8 of The Fidalgo Island’s Beautiful fanzine 
The second time Jimi interviewed Arrington was for issue #17 when Old Time Relijun played the inaugural show at Olympia’s all-ages venue, Northern (also, now defunct) on 16 MAY 2009; and on from there to 2022! Comprehensive, let's say.

About the author: Who the heck is Jimi Sharp?
Would you believe he is the nephew of The Blackouts’  former Manager (interviewed in The F.I.B. #15) - Terry Morgan?  True Story.
Is he really the cousin of Melvins’ drummer (The F.I.B. interview with Dale remains unpublished), Dale Crover’s 1/2 brother, Dave?  True Story. 
Truth be told, maybe his name is a pseudonym?
No.  It’s Jimi on the birth certificate.  Orphaned as a baby, it is impossible to know why his late Mom (RIP) and late Dad (RIP) spelled it like Hendrix without assuming they intended to name him after the Seattle guitar legend, Jimi Hendrix (RIP).  
True Fact: Jimi Sharp once accidentally kissed Jimi Hendrix’s younger brother, Leon on the lips after Leon gave him a bag of “Hendrix Brother’s Coffee”.  After the kiss Leon replied, “Read what’s written on the bag.  What does it say?”  Jimi Sharp answered, “It says, “Hendrix Brother’s Coffee - ‘Kiss the Sky’ Blend”.  Leon laughed and said, “Yeah, ‘Kiss the Sky Blend’ not ‘Kiss this guy blend’!” - - - True story.

Jimi Sharp is referred to as the “Man of Mystery”  because of an obscure 1997 cassette tape by The Microphones.  True Story.  Thanks, Phil. 

Finally, Jimi Sharp once tried to protect Jakob Dylan from a clown to no avail…
"For 10 years, I drove bands and worked security backstage at a big music festival in Washington state.  My job backstage was to keep any and all unknown persons at a distance from the musicians getting ready to go onstage to perform.  On 10 AUG 2014, I attempted to thwart a clown from getting too close to Jakob Dylan right before he went onstage to perform.  The clown got the last laugh.  That’s the story of my life.  That’s why I love clowns."