You Are Alone (IPU127)

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Eli Moore and Ashley Eriksson's radiant songwriting chemistry is on display on both sides of the 2006 7-inch single by LAKE.

Recorded by Tucker Martine before Oh, The Places We'll Go [KLP196] and Let's Build a Roof [KLP213], this single represents the fluidity of sounds that LAKE operates with: both songs are hopeful in different ways – "You Are Alone" (featuring Moore's sympathetic voice and calm keys) is a hand on your shoulder, and "Higher Than Merry" (featuring Eriksson's contagious glee and a kaleidoscope of percussions, horns, and animal sounds) is a hand that pulls you into a Technicolor dream.

Known to change tempos and styles on an album, LAKE throws a sharp curveball for this edition of K's International Pop Underground series of 7-inch singles. Your hand makes the transition; flipping Side A to Side B is like opening a letter from a familiar friend: insightful and cheerful.

This is Vol. CXXVII in K's International Pop Underground Series.

The digital version of this 7-inch is available from Bandcamp

  1. You Are Alone
  2. Higher Than Merry