Great Big Open Sky [PRNL48/KLP289]

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Daisies is a co-release by K and Perennial.

DAISIES- Great Big Sky LP KLP289/PRNL48
“How often at night, when the heavens are bright,
With the lights from the glitterin' stars,
Have I stood here amazed, and asked as I gazed
If their glory exceeds that of ours?”

Sweet boy made a promise and tied it with a string
Sweet boy can’t afford a ring.
winter returns but spring follows
Blue cowboys just need to take a trip sometimes
Is It Any Wonder?
8 tracks 33RPM

From the minds that brought you CCFX, “What Are You
Waiting For?”, and Daisies “2” comes the
7th release from the purveyors of the electronic paisley
underground, “Great Open Big Sky”

This release continues the rich tradition of DIY bands crafting instant pop hits entirely on their own terms, which has long been the hallmark of the Olympia Underground. Produced by the Band and Nuri Erdal.
Look for the video for singles “Is it Any Wonder?” and ”Goin’ in Circles” And a show or two....Whatever happens it is quite assuring that whatever these times may bring bands can still put out music as good as this LP.
400 vinyl copies.

 The digital version of this album is available from Bandcamp.


1. Glistening

2. We Don't Need Money

3. Down in the Keys

4. Who Am I?

5. Blue Cowboy

6. Oh Marie

7. Goin’ in Circles

8. Is It Any Wonder?

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