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fruiting body [KLP295] LP & CS

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The era of fish narc has dawned - - - cool fire and warm passion and bad af. Decades in the making, fruiting body [KLP295] is fish narc's third solo album in as many years. A high-security prism of emotional drive bys and jam beats that gel. Poptones from beyond the laptop bedroom underground. fish narc's hybridizing of post punk with modern sound packs a well-seasoned punch to the contemporary palette. Production on this album by keyblayde808 only makes it all the more epic. A collaboration with 8485 "heart filled with rage" has us all in a tizzy, a post-traumatic love anthem. fruiting body is thirteen songs good.

The breaking news: fruiting body has been melded into a long playing (LP) phonograph record and cassette tape from K.

fish narc and GothBoiClique - - - WHAT WE KNOW
If you have grazed the cheek of the GothBoiClique (GBC) you're aware it's the modern day Mouse Pack of fölk-hearted rappers with an emotional boiling point. fish narc joined the GBC snap fray as producer and guitar slashing action mag who has since collaborated production-wise with Lil Peep (Goth Angel Sinner EP), Mackned x Horse Head ("Too Hard"), Lil Tracey ("Tie Me Down"), Yung Bruh ("laced"), Cold Hart ("Can't Help Myself ft. smrtdeath") - - - it's all too vital.
Since 2019, fish narc has written and toured his own graphemic songs, influenced by rap, punk and underground sounds. He released the albums WiLDFiRE in 2020, Camouflage in 2022 and now fruiting body [KLP295].

"what decomposes never dies" - - - gothboiclique

SONGS - - -



1. give up (featuring cold hart and horse head)

2. it burns

3. snooki

4. craft spells

5. i feel so old

6. smoke marijuana



7. heart filled with rage (featuring 8485)

8. nu gaze

9. rainbow

10. fraction

11. turn down the bright light

12. fruiting body

13. think it’s a game?