Wolf Colonel

The Castle [KLP114]

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The Castle arrives barely seven months after the release of Wolf Colonel's righteous Vikings of Mint [KLP107]. Whereas Vikings perfected the power of brevity behind 15 shards of ultra-melodic, high volume pop, The Castle shifts this perspective by allowing the tunes to bloom, diversifying stylistically.

Some tracks are stripped bare with only acoustic guitar and vocals in accompaniment, harkening back to the roots of Wolf Colonel as the moniker for leader Jason Anderson as he banged out a sixty song set list to astonished audiences in various dorm rooms and performance spaces. Some tunes expand into winding, lengthy excursions.

When Wolf Colonel's hooks are in flight, they benefit from some well-placed studio tricks and BIG sounding production. Matured in every which way, Wolf Colonel have constructed an album of ear candy that expands upon their mesh of Beatles-esque harmonies and hardcore punk's concise delivery.

Produced by Brian Weber at Dub Narcotic Studio.

The digital version of this album is available from Bandcamp

  1. The Perspective That A New Year Brings
  2. Is This What we Asked For?
  3. Pet You Over
  4. The Almond Gorilla
  5. I Swear I Am
  6. We'll Always Have Pheonix
  7. Sabatoge The Alley
  8. Fantasy Soccer
  9. He Goes Places No One Goes
  10. Here We Go My Friends
  11. Nectarine Island
  12. Jerusalem
  13. Russian Sandwiches
  14. Cookie Saucer
  15. Dirty Dreem