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Tales of Crime (IPU138)

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It is a story that has been told a million times, everyone has a voice and one cannot help but to feel like a fool or a beat down prince. . . but here we are. Hailing from northern Alabama, The Pine Hill Haints are a free jazz tribe of lost kids; they play “the people's music” in the basements of the underground, trembling, with sore throats, happy to take this dance, hungry...

"Tales of Crime" is the Pine Hill Haints' first 7-inch released byK, a follow up to three full length K releases: Welcome to the Midnight Opry (KLP236), To Win or To Lose (KLP208), and Ghost Dance (KLP186).

The A Side, "Tales of Crime (Part 1)", attempts to express the dirty south, the home of the blues, the ancient father to son craft of whiskey and aging gardening in the mountains, and acynical history, smashed and destroyed by the modern era of green star capitalism . . . Then, enter the modern south in "Tales of Crime (Part 2)" : big churches, big banks, sweaty politicians. The artists and the unique run to the coasts at 18, as fast as they can -- and the brightest minds are gone forever. The rest who stay, well . . . they have to join a gang, or be crushed.

"Tales of Crime" is the life, the survival, the story of gangs and kids trying to kill or love. The Haints tour frequently, with a vast skateboarding army of junk musicians who ll in here and there: faceless, romantic, and true to a sound with a wide range of traditional based sounds and rhythms depending on the mood and the flow of the evening. This record is yet another attempt at capturing the ghost sound in its true form.

The digital version of this 7-inch is available from Bandcamp

  1. Tales of Crime (Part 1)
  2. Tales of Crime (Part 2)


"[The Pine Hill Haints are] a long-running institution of live band splendor, the only act around who can meld the strident aesthetic of punk rock with the aw-shucks charm of a hayseed-chomping, porch-rattling Southern bluegrass band." The Portland Mercury