Dub Narcotic Sound System

Blood Flow [KLP155]

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Culled from the Dub Narcotic Sound System album Degenerate Introduction (KLP157), “Blood Flow” is the wicked-bad inversion of our latest administrations’ doublespeak to the common folk. No, they are not looking out for our best interests. Sux. Problem is, they’ve stretched our patience past the point of subtlety. Thus, some straight talk over the Dub Narcotic Sound System stripped down style. Flip it over for part two, a dub soaked alternative version that takes on Republican spin from the last couple of decades. Nixon was a criminal, you dig?

An unsafe mix of radioactive garage soul sound sweeping the mining towns of the west; the subterranean dance floors of the east will recoil in anticipation. Drop the needle, pump it hardcore.  

  1. Blood Flow
  2. Blood Flow Pt.2