Arm Slither Away (IPU103)

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Chromatics was formed by Adam Miller as a forum for his work, and on the first Chromatics single last spring he sang and played all the music himself, creating a jagged art-damaged package of songs. At the time he was playing in the Seattle band the Vogue. When the Vogue dissolved later that summer, he recruited fellow Vogue members Devin Welch and Hannah Blilie for Chromatics, adding bass player and vocalist Michelle Nolan to complete the band. They continue in the punk/dance direction with a healthy dose of polemic queer and feminist insurrectionist themes. This single is culled from a session at Dub Narcotic Studio in Olympia, produced by Calvin Johnson

This is Vol. CIII in K's International Pop Underground Series.

  1. Arms Slither Away
  2. Skill Fall


“Chromatics exude that really humid excitement that spills out of basement shows up and down the West Coast, where the kids know something and we’re not telling, but it’s grumbling and fizzing – and when it gets out, watch your back, ‘cause nobody can control it. Chromatics axe all other danceable punk bands in half with punching, bony bass lines and hip-shaking drum beats, like there’s a treasure to be found in the secret of making your feet scamper and your head bop, like they know that the answer to life is found right there in the rhythm. At the same time, there’s some deep, dark shit going on in there. You can tell by Adam’s voice, the way he wails and twitches like some tuff shit’s about to go down, and by Devin’s ace guitar, which crimps and spatters like shards of glass.” —Julianne Shepherd, The Stranger