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Degenerate Introduction [KLP157]

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Degenerate Introduction is the much anticipated full-length album from Dub Narcotic Sound System. Drop the needle, pump it hardcore. An unsafe mix of radioactive garage soul sound sweeping the mining towns of the west; the subterranean dance floors of the east will recoil in anticipation. This is a 3-piece you just won't want to miss featuring old school hip hop stylings, electron beats and instrumental reggae influences, all with the Dub Narcotic Sound System stripped down. Calvin (vocals, guitar, melodica, percussion), co-founder of the fiercely influential punk band Beat Happening, continues to make exciting music with Chris Sutton (bass, drums, guitar, percussion, organ), who is also a member of K's C.O.C.O and Hornet Leg; Heather Dunn (vocal, bass, sax, drums), alumni of Lois, Tiger Trap and current member of the No Nos and Liarbird is the secret ingredient. Recorded at Dub Narcotic Studios in Olympia, WA by Adam Forkner of Yume Bitsu, [[[[VVRSSNN]]]], and White Rainbow fame.

The digital version of this album is available from Bandcamp

  1. Sounds Narcotic (Smash the Record)
  2. Joint Joint
  3. Fuck Me Up
  4. Code of the Week
  5. I Don't Love
  6. Blood Flow
  7. Mate's Revenge
  8. Dub Narcotic Groove
  9. Sounds Narcotic (Pt. 2)