The C.O.C.O. Sound [KLP138]

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Chris and Olivia, City of Olympia, that is C.O.C.O. The C.O.C.O. Sound, harder to define. Chris Sutton is also known for his work as bass player in Dub Narcotic Sound System. In C.O.C.O. he plays the drums, with Olivia on the bass. This is their second album, and it continues their heavy emphasis on the dance quotient in music, exploring different sides of the funk. Using the bare minimum, stripping it down to the bass and drums, breaking it down to it’s essence, but being fully soulful and melodic at the same time. It is a sound refined, yet garagey. A mix of Stax southern soul and the Headcoats; a sound equally influenced by the Gories, ESG, & Trouble Funk. Their high energy live shows always have the dance floor crowded.

Olympia’s C.O.C.O. sneaked up on me recently when the group’s eponymous CD was being played over the sound system of a local bar. It was booty-licious: what I had initially tapped my toes to and then dismissed as a fun, somewhat silly two-piece (drum, bass, pretty pop/soul/R&B vocals) suddenly sounded like a truly inspired work of art. I went home and put my own copy on. I couldn’t stop dancing. I decided while dancing that C.O.C.O. is one of the sweetest, baddest motherfuckers to happen in the Northwest in a long time: Olivia Ness’ bass lines are stellar, hook-laden and inordinately danceable; Dub Narcotic Sound System’s Chris Sutton plays his kit like he’s tied to Ness but still loose and inspired; and both of the members’ vocals, while they appear too infrequently, are money each and every time. Bring your propensity for smiling brightly and having much fun.

Jeff DeRoche, The Stranger

The digital version of this album is available from Bandcamp.

  1. Intro
  2. To You
  3. Blackout!
  4. None of That
  5. Rinse & Spin
  6. Supercool
  7. Out of Time
  8. You Know
  9. I Don't Mind
  10. Cutie Pie
  11. In There