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K Button Summer Set

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It's summer! Let's go on VAKATION!

Illustrated by Calvin Johnson, this foursome of 1" buttons captures the jollity of a July journey, taken by the K mascot and friends.

Accompany the K Cat on a camping trip to roasts marshmallows, shoot  bow & arrow and fly around the world!

Black ink on rocket red, golden yellow, lime and teal backgrounds.

4 buttons in each pak. 1" each. Made-in-the-U.S.A. Hand-pressed by Jill P. at Oly Buttons. She put together this collection of  buttons derived from assorted poster and cassette cover art drawn by Calvin Johnson in the '80s.

Beginning clockwise from lower right we have the cat archer which originally graced the poster for a Smithfield Cafe show in Olympia, WA, 1983. This was a release party for a capella compilation cassette Danger Is Their Business (collated by Calvin Johnson and Rich Jensen). John Foster sang a 20 minute a capella version of the Stylistics' 1971 hit "You Are Everything" that left everyone in tears.

Next is the show at the Olympia Ballroom to raise funds for Timothy Brock and the Bravura String Quartet and their tour about the continent. That was fun.

The Campfire Cat image originally graced a poster for a Beat Happening / Unrest show in Washington. DC in 1987. What a bill; rarely (but occasionally) repeated over the ensuing years.

The fourth button features an airplane from the cover of the 1986 compilation cassette tape Let's Sea which featured Mecca Normal, White Sisters, Half Japanese, Fastbacks, Screaming Trees, Cannanes, Velvet Monkeys, Steve Fisk, Manta-Men, Lighthouse Keepers, Danger Bunny, Young Pioneers, The Few, Beat Happening, Snake Pit.

Put them all together and you've got the K Summer Set! Imagine that.