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You Turn Me on

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The fifth Beat Happening studio album, You Turn Me On was produced by Steve Fisk and Stuart Moxham. Mr. Moxham had been a member of the Young Marble Giants, an important early influence on the band. You Turn Me On finds the band experimenting with various arrangements and musical ideas; several of the songs have two, rather than the usual one, guitarist playing interwoven parts, and many of the songs break out of the band’s standard three minute song format, some extending into the 6 to 9 minute range. Heather and Calvin also wrote lyrics for each other on “Sleepy Head” and “Hey Day”. An expansive, rumbling audio odyssey, You Turn Me On includes the epics “Godsend” and “Tiger Trap”, plus anthems “Teenage Caveman” and “You Turn Me On”.

Cover art by Heather Lewis.

You Turn Me On was originally a co-release between K and Sub/Pop in 1992. This edition of You Turn Me on is from Domino Records.


"Beat Happening is the ultimate punk-rock experience, because the Olympia, Washington trio - Calvin, Heather and Bret - intuitively understand that punk is not just about a sound, but an attitude. Using only guitar, vocals and drums, Beat Happening creates a swirling, poppy, gritty, charming sound that is at once arresting and awkward, a sound that thrills many and threatens others. Yes, Beat Happening is totally punk, engagingly subversive, blessed out in the DIY ethic, stalwartly anti-corporate. No matter how many comparisons arise, they remain defiantly self-reflexive. That makes the band very neat-o, unassuming, and damned unnerving."

Mark Woodlief, Transworld Skateboarding, Mar. 1993

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