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Black Candy

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Hey, Gravedigger. Welcome to Black Candy, the third Beat Happening album. Bret, Heather and Calvin explore the more sinister aspects of life, with an eye towards the relief that can be found in its simpler pleasures. “Melancholy” is a word that has been used to describe this approach, though Black Candy does include many optimistic moments. If you like your pop music effervescent and carefree, there’s “T.V. Girl” and “Other Side” to polish your bike to. If you like it black, here’s a blast of playhouse on fire, pajama party and haunted shadow to propel your day.

Originally a 1989 K release, available on Rough Trade in the U.K., Black Candy was re-issued on Sub/Pop in 1993. This edition of Black Candy was released by Domino Records.

“The most sexually-charged rock LP since some Bauhaus disc I forgot the name of...the secret to Beat Happening’s complete domination of rock lies not in the music’s simplicity, nor what some fuckheads see as feigned innocence or eccentricity; Calvin, Heather and Bret take on situations and ideas, not ‘cause they think it’s funny or strange to feel the way they do – Beat Happening truly live in the world they sing’s not a sense of wonder they convey, it’s the truest sense of abandon anyone’s created in way too all about it in USA Today, best side one since Slip It In. I know, real predictable benchmark.” - Gerard Cosloy, Conflict

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  1. Black Candy
  2. Other Side
  3. Knick Knack
  4. Pajama Party in a Haunted Hive
  5. Gravedigger Blues
  6. Cast a Shadow
  7. Bonfire
  8. T.V. Girl
  9. Playhouse
  10. Ponytail