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Dreamy is the fourth Beat Happening studio album, considered by many to be their finest achievement. From the epic “Revolution Come and Gone” to the country-tinged “Cry for a Shadow”, there is a plethora of styles and forms and feelings on Dreamy. Combining state-of-the-art studio technique with down-home captured in the moment, Dreamy is a delicate balance between “real” 24 track studio recordings, and documents made while our quiet three are ensconced in Steve Fisk’s home four track lodging (a photo of the band in front of Fisk’s pad graces the cover). Included is the original version of the oft-covered “Red Head Walking” and “Hot Chocolate Boy”.

This edition of Dreamy was released by Domino Records.


  1. Me Untamed
  2. Left Behind
  3. Hot Chocolate Boy
  4. I've Lost You
  5. Cry For a Shadow
  6. Collide
  7. Nancy Sin
  8. Fortune Cookie Prize
  9. Revolution Come and Gone
  10. Red Head Walking



“If anyone could write and play songs like these, why don’t they? Each song has a precious moment, a discordant slash of music matched with vignettes of simple life. Beat Happening are not American Primitives: rather, they play primitive American music. Beat Happening’s realistic naivete sidesteps self-conscious simplicity in favor of basic, honest themes and clear, melodic music. Calvin’s guttural booming vocal lands neatly on every note, squashing it like a steamroller. “Other Side” has a skippy beat, Calvin’s lower-than-low upfront vocal and guitars that are joyous as kids out on summer break. The title track sounds almost sinister, an Eldritch-in-knickers style vocal set against a droning beat.” Rockpool

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