Arrington De Dionyso

Breath of Fire [KLP176]

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Arrington de Dionyso is an energy conduit, driving through the territories held between surrealist automatism, shamanic séance, and the folk imagery of rock and roll. Breath of Fire is Arrington's first true solo album, and its sounds are hysterical, intellectual, magical, hilarious, sad, ecstatic and beautiful.

While Arrington's work with Old Time Relijun has brought much in the way of both critical praise and notoriety for ecstatic-rock deconstructions and a frenzied performance on the edge of possession, Breath of Fire is a very different sort of beast. Recorded on Christmas Day in a nameless town in Southern Italy, the album uses voice, bass clarinet, and jaw harps to invoke the spirits in a mind-bending ritual of technical mastery and emotional freedom. Like field recordings from a lost continent, these short pieces conspire to present a completely mysterious sound universe, unlike anything you may have heard before. To be sure this voyage is not without its reference points- fans of Old Time Relijun's live performances have longtime been aware of Arrington's multiphonic vocal research, unearthing the missing links between Tuvan throat-singing and free improvisation. In Breath of Fire, this research is presented in its purest form- spontaneously, without overdubs or processing of any kind; an ethnography of intergalactic avant-primitive folk music, a dream diary without words, that enwraps in resonant sound.

Old Time Relijun has released seven albums since 1995, building an ever-fanatic cult following in the USA, Canada, and Europe. Arrington de Dionyso tours constantly throughout the USA, Europe, and Israel giving performances and workshops on the voice in free improvised music.

The digital version of this album is available from Bandcamp

  1. Emptiness and Void
  2. Breath of Fire (part 1)
  3. Solstice
  4. Raining
  5. Balam
  6. Bird Shadow
  7. Holotropic
  8. Xibalba
  9. Breath of Fire (part 2)
  10. Cacao Dance
  11. White Fire on Black Fire
  12. Khomuz 1 Rabbit Nutrient
  13. Khomuz 2 Frog Nutrient
  14. Khomuz Voice One
  15. Khomuz Voice Two
  16. Khomuz Voice Three
  17. Khomuz 3 Winter
  18. Khomuz 4 Traditional Variation
  19. Tundra: Moving Glacier
  20. The Lion Lays Down with the Lamb
  21. Paper Fire Raven Baby