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Inside Out [KLP123]

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After their debut recording Featuring... [KLP106], Internal/External's introductory techno/electronica hybrid, Paul Schuster (Internal/External's master of ceremonies) donned his lab coat, sequestered himself in the studio and went to work developing a new I/E sound. Schuster sought to cement the project by recruiting a second member for vocal and instrumental duties, the muti-talented Rebecca Pearcy.

Inside Out launches this approach with a blast of stun-tone synths, alien bass and drum loops joined halfway through by a back beat of double piano, for a pillowy electro-psychedelic Sunday drive. The Internal/External experience shifts to a slow jam hover as Rebecca Pearcy (Olympia's Minister of Folk and Queen Bee Creations master crafter) spreads a silken iceburn over "Anchordown". "Weedhead" sparks one up with a trippy vinyl sample spliced over vintage organ and classic funky drum loops, "Sweetness" is a lovely slice of exploratory electro-pop; Instrumental versions of "Anchordown" and "Sweetness" provide ample material for the DJs and home MCs.

The digital version of this album is available from Bandcamp.

  1. Inside Out
  2. Anchordown
  3. Weedhead
  4. Sweetness
  5. Various Transmission
  6. Anchordown Instrumental
  7. Sweetness Instrumental