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The second Beat Happening album: it rocks, killer. Bret Lunsford (D+), Heather Lewis and Calvin Johnson create a buzz and drone worth repeated listens, includes the Beat Happening classics "Hangman", "Bewitched", "Midnight a Go-Go" and "In Between". Nail it to your turntable and arch your back to the primitive beat. Jamboree is hailed by many as one of the founding releases of the Crash-Pop genre. It was produced in Ellensburg, Wa. at Albright Productions by Steve Fisk, co-produced by Mark Lanegan and Gary Lee Conners (of the Screaming Trees - Gary Lee Conners also plays guitar on the song "Midnight A Go-Go").

Originally a 1988 co-release with Rough Trade in the U.S. and with Stephen Pastel's 53rd and 3rd label in Scotland, Jamboree was re-issued on CD by Sub/Pop in 1993. The latest edition of Jamboree is from Domino Records.

  1. Bewitched
  2. In Between
  3. Indian Summer
  4. Hangman
  5. Jamboree
  6. Ask Me
  7. Crashing Through
  8. Cat Walk
  9. Drive Car Girl
  10. Midnight A Go-Go
  11. The This Many Boyfriends Club


"The only band in the history of the planet to be equally influenced by the Raincoats and Minor Threat. Beat Happening manufactures a universally acceptable sound that is as likable as a cool rain. Jamboree is their heaviest outing yet (actual 'power chords' can be heard) but remains completely at odds with the more 'pushable' (out the window, please) bands on the new breed RT roster. A perfect record. From a perfect band." Forced Exposure 

"America's ability to produce alternative viewpoints of society, while living on a consumer-pleasing conveyor, is strange in itself. That these alternatives are as varied as, say, Black Flag, Public Enemy and Beat Happening is just plain weird. This Trio from Washington seem to ignore their roots while laying in wait in a pocket of resistance as wide as Richman, Wire and the Young Marble Giants opting to concoct a minimal, cherubic noise that's immediate, intoxicating and intelligent. Pop music with feelings, a real sound for bedroom romantics." Revolutions
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