The Ghost Ease

Psyche Lifeline LP

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THE GHOST EASE (Portland, OR) is an independent rock group envisioned and led by Cuban-American multidisciplinary artist, Jem Marie.

The Ghost Ease’s third LP Psyche Lifeline (2022) was written and released by Jem Marie, and co-produced with Johann Wagner at Pinewave Studio in Portland, Oregon. Marie is currently recording the project’s fourth LP in close collaboration with Ed Rodriguez (Deerhoof) out of their respective home studios in Portland, Oregon.  (Album imagery by Jem Marie)

Above: Jem recording Psyche Lifeline at Pinewave Studio, Portland, Oregon.

"Anyone who has been a fan or attendee of Treefort Music Festival the last few years can share the heartbreak in falling in love with a band meant to come to Boise but having to wait to see them due to covid cancellations. This was the story for me and The Ghost Ease. When I finally was able to see them live at the 2022 Treefort my love of the garage rock/post punk trio grew even more. Things got even better when they released their second LP, Psyche Lifeline later that year in October. Psyche Lifeline includes the slow dreaminess displayed on their debut album, RAW with even more added energy and melodic vocals. This album is a step more towards a post punk sound with more focus on the song writing and song structure. Fans of Blood Lemon, The French Tips and Death Valley girls will feel right at home listening to this record with the added melodicism and creative songwriting of Nirvana and Kate Bush." - The Diversion, Boise, ID.

"The Ghost Ease's self-described ‘shreddy daydream’ rock 'n' roll takes as many unexpected turns as a hazy reverie. The Portland trio's sophomore album, Raw, despite its spontaneous trajectory, delivers unwavering, electric power while exuding smoky mysteriousness with song titles like ‘Pareidolia’ and ‘Gemini Rise.’" - Ciara Dolan, The Mercury, Portland, OR