The True Olympians

Holiday Collection (Green Monkey records) CD

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Green Monkey Records decided to make a one-disk release of all the True Olympians Xmas singles, add in a couple original Christmas songs (which we will be playing in Tacoma Dec. 23, 2021 at the Spanish Ballroom!) and finally some other jolly tracks released by band members in the last year or so. True Olympians Joe and Lisa even decided to cut a brand-new track this week just for this album.

So much joy! When the idea first reared it's head it was just for download and streaming. Then Brother Joe had the notion of making it available as an actual CD. Even more improbable, drummer Michael had the ridiculous idea to go jolly shoot photos at the JC Penny photo studio. Suddenly from this plethora of pictures, CD art! Let the partridge and the pipers rejoice!

And yes, you read right, Lisa Ceazan has joined the band on vocals. In addition to harmonies, she is doing the kickin’ lead on “People of The Water” and other to be named trax. Someone is gonna ask, is she from here? The answer is heck no – she moved here. As I have stated before, being a True Olympian is not about where you went to high school, it is about the purity of your heart and mind!

So there it is. The miracle of Christmas, writ small!

The Songs:

1. Christmas in Olympia

2. Christmas Is Love

3. (I'm a) Lonely Christmas Tree

4. Christmas Train

5. Pandemic Christmas

6. No Lou this Christmas

7. Propane Santa

8. Gonna Sing a Christmas Song

9. Ariel, Is that You

10. The Geese