Lisa and The True Olympians

"Frozen Darling" c/w "Crazy on You" Green Monkey Records) CD single

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A CD single featuring inspired, all-new versions of PNW classics by The Telepaths and Heart, featuring the wonderful Lisa Ceazan on vocals. The Telepaths were one of Seattle, Washington's original punk bands, who later morphed into the legendary Blackouts. Heart is the NW powerhouse platform for the creative output of Ann and Nancy Wilson.One of the songs is plain weird and one, just plain sultry.

The True Olympians, a combo whose existence is based on an inclusive concept: anyone "from Olympia" qualifies as a member in standing, though de facto the result is an elite cadre of jazzbos, punks, hippie-boppers and NW rock'n'roll personas. The brainchild of The True Olympians is Green Monkey Records founder Tom Dyer, and their magnum opus is Olympia, a true Story, the selective history of Olympia told in song. The True Olympians have also released a Holiday Collection and several singles.

"What’s the scoop? Last January, coming off the marathon that was Olympia: A True Story (Green Monkey Records), I was thinking what next? Hadn’t written a song since the previous May (a long time for me) and was not feeling inspired. At the same time, I figured I needed to do something to keep The True Olympians busy. I decided to take on a project I have contemplated for a few years, History Of Northwest Rock, Vol.2 (1970 - 1986), my follow up to 2015’s History of Northwest Rock Vol. 1 (1959​-​1968). I made a list of my favorite obscurities from that period, picked a few of those and started rehearsing the band to record them. I quickly lost interest and set the project aside, except for two songs. The Telepaths’ "Frozen Darling" and Heart’s "Crazy on You" (not obscure!), for which we cut basic tracks. Those two languished as I got involved in some other studio projects and the True Olympians prepared to play what were probably our last two shows (we are on an indefinite sabbatical). I finally got around to finishing them and here they are. I am most pleased with them. I think Lisa is fabulous on them. I am so pleased with them that I have decided to slowly resuscitate Vol. 2 with Lisa as lead singer for the whole thing. That said, it will be a pretty casual approach to recording - there will probably be the occasional single or two before it ever becomes an album. I have other irons in the fire." - - - Tom Dyer, Green Monkey Records, member of The True Olympians

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