Fawns of Love

Fear the Softest Gaze (Kingfisher Bluez) LP

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Fawns of Love is a post-punk duo that consists of vocalist Jenny Andreotti and multi-instrumentalist Joseph Andreotti. Their new LP titled Fear the Softest Gaze proposes that maybe Emily Dickinson had it right, maybe Bitter Bierce was on to something, and maybe Buster Keaton really couldn't find anything worth smiling about. So get your Ouija board out folks and let's conjure some spirits.

The album was mixed by Jenny Andreotti and mastered by Joseph Andreotti. It features a duet with Calvin Johnson (Selector Dub Narcotic, Beat Happening, etc.) and an alternate version of the title track by Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins).


Fear the Softest Gaze

Ambrose Pierce

Courting the Devil's Printer

Poison Sweet Nightshade

Nihilism Is Nice

Emblem Stumbles

Fear the Softest Gaze (Robin Guthrie Version)

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