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Everything Around You [PRNL054/KLP296] LP

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A PRE-ORDER for the new FEELING FIGURES LP Everything Around You, OUT September 27, 2024

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FEELING FIGURES Everything Around You LP, 11 songs, 33RPM, a co-release with Perennial Records

The second LP from Feeling Figures was in fact recorded before their first. Amongst the stuttered starts and stops of the pandemic, a window opened for ‘The Figs’ to commit 11 songs to tape. After gradually preparing new and resurrected material, they gathered in drummer T's basement in the omicron winter of early 2022 to document their strongest songs on his recently acquired reel-to-reel. Compared to ‘Migration Magic’, ‘Everything Around You’ is a considerably deeper dive into the Figs universe, a more deliberate collection that includes compositions which push into the expanse, drawing from a broader palette of art rock influences. The songs on this album navigate tensions between the personal and political, encompassing inner turmoil and deep-seated desires for change at the entangled axis of individual and social transformation. ‘Everything Around You’ is their most fully-realized accomplishment to date; the best recorded representation of their boundless, idiosyncratic approach to guitar-based music. A summation years in the making, years in waiting, finally set free.


At the core of Feeling Figures, the Zakary Slax and Kay Moon songwriting partnership is still intent on wrangling visions from the air, a pursuit since their fateful encounter on the Atlantic coast a decade or so ago. After relocating to Montreal, the pair produced a handful of self-released tapes, collaborated with a rotating cast of merrymakers and contributed to a variety of local projects. Around the time the world shut down, their collective vehicle was reimagined as Feeling Figures, powered by the vaunted rhythm section of Joe C. & Thomas M. Celluloid Lunch released their self-titled debut 7” in 2021. Feeling Figures first full-length ‘Migration Magic’ was co-released by K Records/Perennial in November 2023; a spontaneous syntheses of guitar pop, scrappy punk, folk, psychedelia, and garage rock.

Recorded in the basement by Thomas and mixed to 1/2” tape by the band in Montreal.

800 vinyl copies.

‘Everything Around You’ is not this generation’s first ramshackle-as-fuckk art punk album and I’m not sure it’s even the 30 thousandth. But I do know Feeling Figures have arrived fully formed, with a real voice of their own (several in fact, that must be a really good microphone). This album is simply too much fun to have been the product of years of serious study, though I’m told students occasionally have fun, too. I wouldn’t know, i’m a university drop out. I did once see an episode of the television adaptation of “The Paper Chase” where one of the new Harvard Law hopefuls had a Kiss poster over his bed and that seemed highly implausible. 

The utter lack of affectation on ‘Everything Around You’ may or may not be considered a selling point (affectation seems pretty huge — almost always) but Feeling Figures’ rock’n’roll atom smashery is nothing short of astonishing. Maybe there will be a better record [this year] — perhaps two or three, even.  But for now, this is the band to beat.”  – Gerard Cosloy

"Feeling Figures are the best kind of cult band, prioritizing creativity, individuality, and expression, instead of sanding off the edges to reach the most people possible." 
- Jesse Locke

This release continues the rich tradition of DIY bands crafting instant pop hits entirely on their own terms, which has long been the hallmark of the International Pop Underground. Look for videos from singles "Swimming," and “Doors Wide Open,"  "Everything Around You," and a show or two up and around...it is quite assuring that whatever these times may bring bands can still put out music as good as Everything Around You.

Kay Moon : Guitar, Vocals

Zakary Slax : Guitar, Vocals

Joe Chamandy : Bass

Thomas Molander : Drums


The Digital Version of this Album is Available via Bandcamp  



1 Co-operator
2 Doors Wide Open
3 Imagine Nations
4 The Falcon
5 Space Burial
6 Skin I'm In
7 Swimming
8 Everything Around You 9 Reality Strikes
10 We Not the You
11 Social Anatomy

10. Remains


    FEELING FIGURES, "Swimming" video