Women of the Divine Orgasm (DiOR)

Angels Kiss at the Edge of Cacatopia cassette (Dove Cove)

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DiOR [aka (Women of the) Divine Orgasm] is Sarah Moore and Stasia Kowaleski; Sarah (of Vats, Porcelain Gods, Trixie Linoleum, Babyface Evil) from Snoqualmie, WA and Phoenix and Stasia (Ghost Bitch, Desire Complex, kzv, Babyface Evil) from Baltimore, formed DiOR in Olympia, WA where they both currently reside. The first time I was graced with DiOR’s presence was at a show in their own basement, one of the best decorated punk houses I’ve ever been able to play in, Powerpuff Girl, Lisa Frank, pink furry pillow, gnarly basement full of amps, mirrors and even a beaded curtain somewhere, if I remember correctly. The feeling of this house permeates through their music and feels like it could have brought the project to fruition.

The duos strong friendship is apparent as well as their interests in poetry, sass, Naruto, Samuel Delaney, Rowland S Howard, Sailor Moon and Bataille. In the first track on Side B, My Cloud, the trading off of vocals, between howling pleading and a confident anthem chants of freedom. This tape is a voice of a time and place in Olympia, of 2019 DIY expression, of what it means to be in a band and the pure joy and love for your best friend …