Quayde LaHüe

Love Out Of Darkness LP/CD [KLP275/JORF1989]

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The debut record from Quayde La-who?! Quayde LaHüe (or Quayde, for short).

Since 2016 the Olympia, WA quintet have released a string of cassettes (even a limited VHS) to the underground heavy metal and hard rock music scene. Highlights of their humble beginnings include opening for Nik Turner’s Hawkwind, being featured on Radio Fenriz and performing the final year of the prestigious Wings Of Metal Fest in Montreal.

Love Out Of Darkness brings a more concise and produced sound than previously recorded. A heavy rock-oriented sound characterized by elaborate song structures, melodic hooks, blistering solos and pomp-infused harmonies. Musically reminiscent of 1970’s arena rock, while bringing a new depth to the genre.

Waging a one-woman war, singer Jenna Fitton commands Quayde with powerful and urgent vocals. Fitton’s lyrical themes range from calling out misogynist rock tropes to painting stories of swords and sacred stones. Although fantastical seeming, these latter themes are based in reality. The battles we are collectively fighting on a daily basis. Struggles of depression, oppression and suffering that humankind has wrought against itself.

It’s not all hopeless though. There is growth and transformation through hardship. In “Before The Storm”, Fitton states that, “there is a light that shines beyond the horizon.” Out of darkness, love will prevail. The time has come for unity again.

Recorded by Peter Randlette and Quayde LaHüe in Olympia WA. Mixed and mastered by Tim Green (The Fucking Champs) at Louder. This is a co-release with K and Adult Fantasy Records.