Hundredth Time (IPU128)

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Gigi is a recording project of Vancouver-based songwriter Nick Krgovich (No Kids) and producer Colin Stewart. The debut album, Maintenant released by Tomlab in early 2010, gave them the opportunity to unabashedly profess their love of 60s pop music. “The Hundredth Time” and “Some Second Best” aren't content to be throwback pastiches or retro workouts in the vein of Phil Spector. They succeed as opulent orchestrations working within a specific and rich tradition of pop music production. The two songs featured on this single for K are selections from the original recording session in March 2006. Ryan Peters and Duffy Driediger (from Ladyhawk) guest on “The Hundredth Time.”

The digital version of this 7-inch is available from Bandcamp

  1. The Hundredth Time (/w Duffy Driediger & Ryan Peters)
  2. Some Second Best


“The charming boys-do-cry serenade ‘The Hundredth Time’… sounds right in the here and now-- because for all their vintage dressing, Gigi are ultimately most interested in the bad romance that makes our present so tense.” Pitchfork