Holiday (IPU024)

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In late 1982 Olympia musician and producer Steve Fisk move to San Francisco to join fellow Northwest ex-pats Pell Mell on keyboards. Pell Mell released a C-90 cassette on K in 1986, For Years We Stood Clearly as One Thing.

Steve Fisk released two cassette-only releases and his Over and Thru the Night [KLP020] album on K. He worked in the studio with with Beat Happening, Some Velvet Sidewalk, the Beakers, and Old Time Relijun.

Duck Hunt is a collaboration between Steve Fisk and Pell Mell's main creative light, guitarist Bill Owen. The two songs are "Vacation" and "Holiday" (which also appears on the International Hip Swing [KLP016] compilation CD).

This is Vol. XIV in K's International Pop Underground Series.

Duck Hunt, "Vacation" video

  1. Vacation
  2. Holiday