Year 2022 - - - What the WTF K

Year 2022 - - - What the WTF K

above: Ghost Bitch, recording at High Command Studio, Olympia, Washington

The year gone by left us with a stack of K still spinning on the turntable. Most likely these classic releases will resonate for years to come. Below is a piece by piece examination of the 2022 K; many are co-released with Olympia's Perennial Records.


The Real Distractions Stupid [IPU148/PRNL044] EP

The year started with a bang when The Real Distractions seared together four stunning clumps of beknighted trash to form the punk rock EP of our fevered dreams. Bonk. Played at every basement dance party on into the future.

There is animated imagery to accompany "Fosta/Sesta" directed by Steve Dore.


Ghost Bitch Blood and Honey [KLP282]

An album flayed alive while you watch. A squirmable feast. Guitar disassembly with maximum drag. Ghost Bitch fled the country shortly after this album was released, now flaming trolls beneath the Southern Cross. Ouchers.

Watch the Ghost Bitch video "Scar".


Almond Joy Oh, Henry! [IPU149] EP

If it feels good, do it, and Almond Joy have: four songs to accompany the deteriorating mating rituals of an increasingly disjointed Frisco. An area at Bay, subject to the beck and call of these Joyous pilgrims, always ready to fire up the organ to move your feet.

View the recent Almond Joy video "San Francisco".


Big City Liquid Times [KPP280/PRNL043]

Synthy pop-tones with electronic guitar slashes across the face, if you know what i mean. You dunt? Well, take a ride with Big City and learn how to "hustle". An art and jag magnificence not seen since Venus de Milo disobeyed the bus driver and hung her arms out the window.

Here's a humorous visual take on "Vicious".


IQU Sun Q [KLP286]

The second IQU album Sun Q [KLP286] was originally released in 2004 by Sonic Boom Music, made available once again via K! It's dance-matic; reversible; highly entertaining; enigmatic theremin adjustments to the time matrix result in tasty dance floor rug burns. Can you dig it?


Old Time Relijun Musicking [KLP279]

Though Musicking [KLP279] was released digitally in 2021, the long playing phonograph record format was unleashed this past autumn. Now everyone can frug on down with delight. Here is an animated, mind-expanding take on "The Lung Song".


Ribbon Stage Hit with the Most [KLP283/PRNL045]

The darlings of all the darlings, Ribbon Stage have really rung the bell with their debut album. Everybody is swinging high and low to their boisterous beat and rhymes. Check into their "Dead End Descent". Darling, you'll luv it.