(WULF) Demo!

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(WULF) Demo!

Above: Mike and Anton preparing for the WULF recording session, Olympia, WA

In Olympia the rock'n'roll keeps coming. The latest addition to the pile is a new cassette album by WULF, a super-combo comprised of assorted players you may recognize from other bands: Jonny Wulf (Christian Mistress, Quayde LaHüe, Cosmic Highness), Anton (Earthgasm), Mike Liebman (Vexx), Peter David Connelly (The Mona Reels, Quayde LaHüe, The Real Distractions). Veterans of heavy sounds, these folks gathered together in 2014 to create a power pop panoply influenced by the likes of Stories, Pilot, Dwight Twilley Band and other '70s ear wormers. Pure Pop for NOW Times! (Still plenty heavy)
Peter David C. and J. Wulf, in session

The songs were written by singer/guitarist Jonny Wulf. At the time a dear friend and fellow rocker, Jeff Womeldorff, had recently died. A lot of the WULF songs deal with Jeff as a friend, and his loss. Not the usual topics for power pop ditties, but listening to DEMO, it works. Cool riffage and inspired pop cacophony.

The album is called DEMO because the opportunity came along from a pal Chapin to record for free, at a point when the band and the songs weren't really ready to be put to tape.  According to Jonny, "We rushed into recording with Chapin and I didn't feel the songs were ready to record, but it was a free way to record." Turns out, they were ready to record. It all turned out top-notch.

WULF played several shows/parties around town. When Mike Liebman moved to Brooklyn, the band fell apart. "Then the songs sat on the shelf for years. I didn't want to revisit them, they were personal. The other people in the band wanted to have something final..." The tapes were handed over to Capt. Tripps Ballsington at High Command Recording, who worked his mix-master magic and the DEMO cassette album is the result. Yay; good news for us.

After WULF, Jonny and Peter formed Quayde LaHüe with Jenna Fitton, Max Bowman and Reuben Storey, releasing the Love out of Darkness [KLP275] album in late 2019. Currently Jonny Wulf is working on a set of recordings with drummer Aaron O'Neil, similar to the WULF howlings, called Live Action. They've sent recordings back and forth between their Seattle and Olympia homes, building up another batch of pop classics. Stay tuned.

WULF DEMO (Adult Fantasy Records) cassette is available now from The K Mail Order Dept.