Without love all over again.

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Without love all over again.

Above: a still from The Mona Reels "Without Love" video directed by Jolie M-A of Ribbon Stage

Without love all over again.

Exploring a world without love while making a cup of tea at home is the subject of the new single by The Mona Reels, as exemplified by their new video "Without Love". It's not a bad life. The song doesn't say "poor me" or even "I'm lonely"; the perspective is "here I am, deep in the human condition, without love". Staying off the tilt-a-whirl is such relief, in fact.

In comparison to the Carole King/Gerry Goffin Brill Building classic "I Didn't Have Any Summer Romance" with it's "it's better to love and lose than to not love and lose at all", The Mona Reels' "Without Love" takes a gentler, "I've loved, I've lost, I've gained, I've pained, I'm making a cup of tea right now" approach to the matter. Of course, Carole King was 20 years old when she made that record. A cup of tea may not have provided sufficient solace.

The song is illustrated in the video by straight shots of people a la Warhol Screen Test style, but with medium shots rather than the close-ups favored by The Factory. The better to provide the proper perspective, a certain distance: yep, that's life.

The people in the video are all much more interesting than anything we've seen so far from The Factory. One can be certain not one of these folks is without love in their lives. And even if they are, so what?

Peter David Connelly is the voice of The Mona Reels. He crafted "Without Love", the title song of The Mona Reels' new album, from bits of guitar and piano bang-around between playing in this combo and everyone else'. The album Without Love is layered with gummy coagulations and flittering fulcrums to defy the most reticent musical maligner - - - you'll just have to tap it out via toe or pencil on tabletop.

You can view The Mona Reels new video "Without Love" HERE.

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