Winston Hightower, "Wainbow" video!

Winston Hightower, "Wainbow" video!

Above: Winston Hightower is like a "Wainbow."


"Wainbow" is the latest Winston Hightower video treat. You gotta get down on it! "Wainbow" is for the people, it has sway; when heard it creates movement, always forward. You, too, will want to go where the wainbow goes.

The video for "Wainbow" has been compiled by Winston Hightower from assorted imagery accumulated from months of touring, and basement practice sessions. It's neat. Messy, but neat.

"Wainbow" is derived from Winston's upcoming Winston Hytwr [PRNL050/KLP292] LP - - - it's a jolly collection of sounds and seizures that'll rump shake you all summer long. Winston Hytwr is in-stock at phonograph record emporiums world-wide RIGHT NOW. It is also available from The K Mail Order Dept.

Above: the new Winston Hightower, Winston Hytwr [PRNL/KLP292] LP is now available from The K Mail Order Dept.