Winston Hightower plays Northern Sky!

Winston Hightower plays Northern Sky!

 Above: Northern Sky festival takes place September 6 & 7; two day passes available HERE.

Music & art: that's the promise of Northern Sky, a two day summer festival taking place September 6 & 7 on Oyster Bay, outside of Olympia, Washington. Northern Sky features songs and sounds from a pasture stage and a woodland grove.  K artists performing include Winston Hightower, Morgan & the Organ Donors, The Moving Pictures; other musical guests: Mount Eerie, Thrones, Trust Fall, Ed Glover, Owl & the Pussycat, Ragana, Double Mirror. A full list of artists and other pertinent information can be found HERE.

Northern Sky is being organized by a loose knit collection of Olympia musical seers and sayers. Here is their description of the event: "Northern Sky is a two day festival of music and art that is centered on bands and artists connected to Olympia. It’s a get together. It’s a picnic. It’s an outdoor art gallery. And it’s all happening at scenic Oyster Bay Farm, ten miles west of downtown Olympia. Music will be played on two stages - a pasture stage with a backdrop of sky and sea and a small, woodland stage in a fir grove. Art installations will dot the forest trail and hands-on art-making will take place."

Their suggested activities for the two day event include - - -


Ramble the woodland trail to find art installations and activities.

Bring a picnic or visit the food vendors.

Bring your own blanket or chair.

They also advise "All-ages welcome. No dogs, please."

Sounds like a party.

Above: Winston Hightower plays Oyster Bay at the Northern Sky festival Sept. 6,7, 2024.